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At Fortress we are committed to sourcing, providing and installing products with high security features. Our products and installation meet and often exceed the appropriate British Standard requirement.

Our doors and windows comply with BS.PAS 24 standards issued by the BSI. Fortress is also a FENSA registered company and our customers are issued with a FENSA certificate, where applicable, for all of our glazing installations.


  Door That Beat The Bobbies

Fortress supply and install the Rockdoor, which has state of the art security features.

As reported in the Lancashire Evening Telegraph - The front page of the newspaper reports that when Lancashire Police recently had to make a forcible entry into a house through the front door with their battering rams, they discovered that it proved to be an impossible task!

The door they were trying to smash through was a Rockdoor.

Even with their very efficient equipment the Police team were unable to gain entry into the house. They were very impressed by the door, to say the least, and with the Rockdoors unrivalled powers of resistance and all round strength, they had to abandon their operation and had to find an alternative method to gain entry into the house.
  Door that beat the bobbies
  The Rock Stable Door

The Rock Stable door is extremely secure - It has Seven locking Points!

Click on the door image to see full details of its enhanced locking features -
  Fortress Stable Door - Click to see
  The Rockdoor "Door That Beat The Bobbies"  

  Every aspect of the Rockdoor has been designed with security in mind. Here are just a few of the features: -  

  Pvcu frames reinforced with aluminium box section.  

  A aluminium security bar is located within the door on the locking side to resist any attempts to prise the door open.  

  The locking cylinders come complete with guard protectors to prevent locks being tampered with.  

1   Aluminium Reinforcement in PVCu Frame

2   Aluminium Reinforcement

3   Aluminium Security Bar

4   Self Lubrication Cylinder with Security Guard

5   High Density Core
  Rockdoor features
Locking Options

Also numerous locking options are available which include the use of solid brass hooks, a deadbolt and even the option of adding a Yale night latch.

Click on the doors image to see full details of the locking options -
  Door Options - Click to see  
  Optional Welded Steel Mesh Reinforcement

A feature unique to Rockdoor is the option of having a welded steel mesh incorporated into the central core of the door, which increases the strength and rigidity of your special door.
  Welded Steel Mesh Incorporated
  Window Security

All of our windows comply with BS.PAS24 BSI Security Requirements and come complete with shootbolts, roller cams and key locking handles on all opening windows.

For Extra Security all units are internally glazed to ensure that the double glazed units cannot be removed from outside
  Window Security
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