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Fortress can provide a full range of double glazing solutions from standard replacement units through to high specification units with features such as integral blinds and high thermal efficiency. See below for some of the solutions available:
Replacement Double Glazing Units
Comprise of 2 pieces of glass, kept apart from each other by means of a spacer bar. The spacer bar is normally 20mm wide and contains silica gel or a desiccant, which absorbs moisture within the air inside the double glazed unit. If your existing double glazed units have become misted up, the sealed unit has failed and excessive moisture has gained entry between the two pieces of glass. The solution is to contact Fortress who can supply and install replacement units, which are guaranteed for ten years, into PVCu window frames. In addition we can install units into timber and aluminium.
High Insulation Performance Double Glazing Units
It is actually the air space between the glass layers that provides the insulation qualities. The space between the panes is usually filled with air, but it can be filled with an inert gas like argon, which would provide better insulation performance.

Argon (Ar) has an atomic molecular mass of 39.9, which is much more than nitrogen (N2) and Oxygen (02) molecules, which have a molecular mass of 28.0 and 32.0 respectively. As a result argon atoms move significantly slower than nitrogen and oxygen molecules at the same temperature. This reduces convection and decreases the energy transfer between the two pieces of glass.

Fortress can provide argon filled double glazing units.

"K" glass is a piece of glass which has a silver based film attached to the side of the glass within the double glazed unit, the film allows the heat from the sun to penetrate through the double glazed unit whilst at the same time it reflects heat trying to escape from your home, therefore giving greater insulation than a standard double glazed unit.
Safety Glass
Where building regulations require it, safety glass, either toughened or laminated will be provided.

Toughened glass is annealed glass which is then heated up to a high temperature in order to change the molecular structure of the glass so that if it is damaged it will shatter safely into tiny pieces rather than breaking into sharp jagged pieces.

An alternative to toughened glass is laminated glass which is made by placing a flexible film between 2 x 3mm thick pieces of glass and then bonding them together, resulting in a 6.4mm thick piece of glass which when damaged resists breaking. As a result of its manufacturing method, when damaged it will crack but not break up due to the fact that it is adhered to the flexible film.
Other Options
  Pilkington glass have developed Active clear glass which is self cleaning and can be incorporated into any double glazed unit.

Tinted glass can be used to reduce the effects of sunlight particularly in conservatory roofs. Colours include bronze, green, grey and Pilkington’s Active Blue; which is self cleaning.

Polycarbonate is also available for conservatory roofs and comes in various thicknesses from 16mm thick to 35mm thick. The thicker the polycarbonate the more insulation and soundproofing it provides.

Colours available are opal (white), bronze, and a mixture of the two colours (bronze/opal), which has the bronze colour on the outside and the white on the inside.
Decoration for Double Glazed Units
Units can be supplied with various designs of leading: -

Diamond lead

Square lead

Queen Anne lead

Jacobean lead and lots of others

The leading can be applied to just one or both sides of the glass also coloured designs can be incorporated in the units.

Alternatively diamond bevelled glass designs can be incorporated.

Georgian bar is also available in different colours and widths.

To view the various style options click on the links opposite >>>

If you have original stained glass windows, which you wish to retain, these can be encapsulated within new double glazed units enabling you to have them fitted in your new PVCu windows.
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Fortress can provide Blinds in Double Glazed Units
Fortress can also provide double glazed units which have integral blinds sealed within the cavity of the double glazed units. Once sealed within the totally dust free environment the blinds require no cleaning and always appear new and are protected from damage. The integral blinds are available as venetian or pleated blinds in various colours.

Glazing Unit with Integral Blind  

  • Clean for life
  • Protection against deformation and damage by encapsulation
  • Maintenance free
  • Pristine appearance of blinds at all times
  • No UV degradation
  • Improved solar control
  • Improved u-values
  • 12.5mm slat available in white, beige and silver as standard

  Operation of Integral Blinds
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